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Our Success Stories

Smart Start is passionate about making our customized services accessible to everyone. Here are some of our success stories: 

What our customers are saying

Hello, I would like to share my experience with this agency. Peter did a great job advising me with my Express Entry application. At first I tried to do it on my own, but I made several mistakes. Happily I contacted Peter and we solved everything and uploaded the application in a couple of hours. In my opinion they are worth working with.

Gustavo A. Dulanto , Marketing Professional 

I wanted to apply for immigration, but first I didn't know how many points I had in my bag round. By consulting with Peter and asking him to give him the correct current score, I found that as a result, I lacked enough points in English. The best thing was that it became clear what to do. Also, I had no knowledge of the express system, so I was taught. Even if you don't know what to do, we recommend that you consult us first.

Kobayashi Keiko, Registered Nurse

In the course of several discussions, I always received Peter's reply very quickly. Even after I sent my application documents, he often took the initiative to care about the progress and informed me of the official timetable for processing the visa. Do not worry. Of course, with his professional and careful assistance, I also successfully obtained my student visa in 2019, and now I'm in a course in Canada. I just entered the third semester. Until now, Peter has always taken the initiative to care about my approach, and has also given me some immigration related information and suggestions in his experience. These are very practical, and I was very grateful to consult with Peter.

PiJen Hwang, Cyber Security Technologist

Unfortunately, I was refused Permanent Residency when I applied for myself. Having learned a lesson from this unpleasant experience, I decided not to take risks and turned to Peter for advice. what I liked most about working with this specialist was the painstaking attention to studying all the required and additional documents and leading questions in order to include the correct information in the forms. Peter is very patient, which is very important if you worry and ask a million questions. I received Permanent Residency ahead of time. still ... the package of documents was perfect!

Evgeniya Burakova, E Commerce Senior Consultant

 I would recommend Smart Start English Academy to my English learning friends. Teachers are friendly and encourage. Also, they will be always with you when you need some help, I appreciated how they help me with my immigrant status. 5 starts recommend.

E. Zhang - Media & Film

I was very lucky to meet Peter. He can be said to be the most professional and honest agent I have ever met; also with his assistance for Express Entry, I was able to prepare complex experiences and documents  and send out all the information in super fast mode. It's hard to believe!

James Yu Hsiang Hung, Professional Programmer