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Primary Student ESL Lessons

This Option provides individual classes for students between Grade 1 to 6 who are looking to learn the essential skills required for proper English writing, speaking, listening and reading. Study materials are included and designed to be compatible with the Ontario Public School Curriculum to provide a solid foundation and skillset for students in this age group.

Hourly Rate:

Primary Student Group ESL Lessons

This Option is great for students in Grade 1 to 6 looking to study in groups of 2 or more to enhance all their English Skills. All of our programs are compatible with the Ontario School Curriculum in order to provide a consistent learning approach to help students go above & beyond even their greatest expectations. Emphasis of this program is on Fluency in English Speaking, Reading Skills, Listening and Writing. Study materials are included.

Hourly Rate Per Student:

Youth ESL Lessons

This Program is designed to assist individual students from Grade 7 to 12 in furthering their essential skills required to excel in all areas of English Studies. 

Our curriculum is compatible with the OSSD requirements (Ontario Secondary School Diploma)  and helps prepare students for High School Graduation within Ontario based schools. Study materials are provided and cover a wide range of topics such as essay writing, methods for effective speaking, reading & research and understanding culture & values. Study materials are included.

Hourly Rate:

Youth Group ESL Lessons

This is a great options for Students from Grade 7 to 12 looking to study with a friend or in groups of 2 or more. This program focuses on effective problem solving, time management, effective speaking, reading, writing and listening skills required for OSSD Completion (Ontario Secondary School Diploma). All programs offered by Smart Start are compatible with Ontario Public School curriculums to provide a consistent approach to learning. Study materials are included. 

Hourly Rate Per Student: